Dr Aski Marissa, M.Psi, Psi

Position:Staff LEPPSI
Contact Address:Jl.Margonda Raya no.100 Depok

Current Activity :
Teaching at SPSS courses for collage students, research about facebook usage in adulthood, Psychologists at the PKLP Gunadarma

Research Interest :
1. Self Concept In Adolescents Experiencing Violence were not experiencing Domestic Violence

2. Study Phenomenology meaning therapist with experience Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Education Background
2011 s/d 2015Doctoral PsychologyGunadarma University
2006 s/d 2008Magister Clinical PsychologyGunadarma University
2001 s/d 2005S1 PsychologyGunadarma University

Teaching Experiences
Aplikasi Komputansi SPSS, Universitas Gunadarma (2007 - now)
Psikologi Belajar, Universitas Gunadarma (2006)
Psikologi Konseling, Universitas Gunadarma (2012 - now)
Psikologi Lintas Budaya, Universitas Gunadarma (2008 - now)
Psikologi Sosial 1, Universitas Gunadarma (2005 - now)
Psikoterapi, Universitas Gunadarma (2009 - now)